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Angel's Music

Alternative, folk rock and pop in nature, Angel's songs are informed by her influences who range from Bob Dylan to Robyn Hitchcock, from R.E.M. to Wilco. On her recordings, she can be heard playing acoustic & electric guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica and percussion. Most of her recordings were written/performed and produced by her in her home studio. 

You can check out her music at the following links;

Some venues/events Angel has performed at;

Brentwood Tavern, Las Vegas
Vegas Valley Book Festival
Mayflower Club, Cambridge, England
Cerritos College, Cerritos, CA
McCabe's Guitar Shoppe, Santa Monica
Kibbitz Room, Canter's, Hollywood
Sacred Grounds, San Pedro, CA


“There's such sadness in these songs--it's in Angel's voice, I think, and is present even when the lyrics are busy undercutting it, as they do most obviously in the very, very funny songs DC Drivers and The Hairdresser. It's not a doom-laden sadness, though, or a self-pitying one; it's a melancholy that feels like a sort of wisdom, a knowledge of the world's weight, and a refusal to pretend or lie or prettify. Hello Cruel World, Blackhole, Haunted: these are very honest songs, delivered to us with touching purity, the sort of music that can seep into you and alter your emotional equilibrium, in the same way that certain types of weather can. Great stuff from a truly talented musician.”

- Scott B. Smith, author of "A Simple Plan"

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